The Cat Wouldn’t Even Bring This In.

I thought that the wearing pajamas out trend was ending its awful reign.  It appears that I am wrong unfortunately.  Also, on that same train is girls (young ladies) saying that if their boyfriends really loved them they would accept their laid back looks, ie. no makeup and those dreaded sweats.  Ladies, let me ask you this.  If your man was in a constant state of dishevel, would you let it pass or would you speak up ?  Remember this, you are dating, you are not married 25 years.  Both of you can easily catch the eye of someone else.  This is your boyfriend not your mum, not your little brother.  You looked your best when you caught each other in the beginning, shouldn’t you put about 5 minutes into letting him see you presentable.  We are not talking glam-fairy here, we are talking a little mascara, if you have to, pull your hair into a pony, a clean t-shirt and jeans.  Please ladies, I am so tired of seeing this really cute guy that takes a little pride in how the world sees him with ‘pajama girl’.  Remember the woo-hoo girls ?  Hummm….is this her on her dates ?


Does This Make My Butt Look Big ?

Not everyone can get away with having a big butt.  Sometimes it’s just big. Just because you may be a little more curvaceous doesn’t mean you need to give up skirts. Opt for skirts or dresses that have an a-line cut. An a-line cut is simply a skirt that is smaller around the waist and gently flares out, much like the letter “A.” By wearing a cut like this, it will minimize your middle region, including your rear view. Choose slacks and jeans that have wide legs, no pants that taper at the ankles. This makes your ankles and calves appear smaller while enhancing the size of your bottom, which is the opposite of the effect you are trying to achieve. Pick slacks and jeans that remain wide towards the calf and ankles, like flare or boot-cut pants. Overall, the best minimizing effect is to enhance your upper half with bright, flattering colors while keeping your lower half darker.  Not rocket science just color science.

Close to the Vest

There are several trends blooming for Spring 2011.

Fashion for this spring and summer are being influenced by the 70’s floppy hats, crocheted vests, bell bottoms, platform sandals and natural makeup.

We are also being  influenced by 90′s grunge. Flannel shirts never go out of style, don’t be afraid to pair you favorite one with cargo pants, combat boots, or ripped jeans. Although this comeback was started a few years ago, expect it to hit  full force this year.

Fringe, denim, crocheted, and suede vests are all about this season. Consistent with both 90′s and 70′s trends, you can take a vest and style it to channel either a hippie-chic or grungy vibe. Wear it with a patterned dress if you’re daring, or a white t-shirts and pair of jeans for a more tame look.


Rachel Zoe





A Little GaGa

The Lady is the Covergirl for Vogue’s March issue.

Lady Gaga wearing Haider Ackermann

 Ms. Germanotta shared that performing on stage is like having a massive orgasm for her:

“Sometimes, being onstage is like having sex with my fans. They’re the only people on the planet who in an instant can make me just lose it.”

The cover image was taken by Mario Testino

Rebel Yell

Mixing clothing like Oversized Boyfriend Blazer Coats, Skinny Jeans, Cardigan Sweaters, with Great Shoes has become Haute Couture.  Although the look of Rebel Chic has been around while, it changes continuously. I absolutely love it !  You can throw your favorite pieces together, add a slouchy beanie and you are ready to face the world looking fabulous. 

Boyfriend Blazer, $125         

Slouchy Beanie, $16.95

Mossimo Cardigan Sweater, $25         

Outer Rebel Fingerless Gloves, $9         

Skinny Jeans, $25         

Madden Girl Fourmal Booties, $49.95

Long Sleeve Printed T-Shirt w/Attached Scarf, $15

Steal The Look – Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton is 29 years old. Her fashion style is not what is typically considered Royal Women’s wear.  She has been criticized for some of her wardrobe selections, but this is 2011 and she is a young, beautiful woman.  She will continue to be scruntinized for her fashion choices.  But I say the woman knows what she likes and what looks good on her.  You can get her London party night look for under $115, now that’s what I call a steal.

Kate Middleton London Night Out

1.  Black Ribbon used as self-tie belt, $3.50,

2.  Black Sequined Mini Dress, $35.00,

3.  Michaek Antonio McKay Black Suede Boots, $50.00,

4.  Black Link Necklace, $25.00,

Chunk It Up

Jessica Biel, Kristen Bell, Sandra Bullock

Wearing a chunky necklace can really bring to life an otherwise uninteresting outfit. Everywhere you go, you’ll find the big and chunky look demanding attention, all of them are stylish and fashionable. Regardless of your personal style preferences, there’s a chunky necklace that is just right for you. Forget the tiny and delicate and go for the big and bold look of the chunky necklace.

Sarah Jessica Parker, Michelle Obama

Amy Adams, Marni

Cocktail Hour

The beauties are everywhere. From your favorite celebrities to you best girlfriend, big cocktail rings are not just for the cocktail hour anymore !  The styles, colors and yes, prices vary widely, but they are worth every penny on the style scale.  You can and should where them everywhere.  And oh, by the way, ring me when it’s cocktail hour won’t you !

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Katy Perry as Wonder Woman

MAC meets DC Comics.  The highly anticipated Wonder Woman Spring 2011 makeup collection hits the stores February 10th. The brightly hued, boldly designed packaging is definitely eye-popping.  Products will include Lipstick, Lipglass, Nail Polish, Mascara and Eyeshadow Quads.  Limited edition items include a Utility Belt Eye Brush Set, Utility Belt Face Brush Set, Invincible Mirror and more.  Now, thanks to the help of MAC cosmetics, we’ll be able to defend against wimpy lashes, boring blushes and dull complexions with the upcoming larger-than-life makeup collection. Items are ranging in price from $13 to $49.50.

MAC Wonder Woman Compact


Feral Childe – Interview

Feral Childe is a collaborative womenswear line by designers Alice Wu of Oakland, California and Moriah Carlson of Brooklyn, New York.  The design team works bi-coastal, with the actual manufacturing of the garments done in NYC.  I had the pleasure of speaking with Feral Childe recently and would love to share a little of that conversation with our readers.  Following the interview is a sneak peek at Feral Childe’s spring 2011 Tarquinia Collection.

* First, let me thank you both, Alice and Moriah, for taking the time to talk with us today.

FC: Thank you for getting in touch with Feral Childe!

* I understand that the two of you met at Wellesley College. When did you realize your artistic talent would lead you into the world of design and fashion ?

FC: We didn’t start out planning to be fashion designers. We were both always interested in making our own clothes, but we really were trained as artists. We both did printmaking, and Moriah made paintings and collages; Alice was doing sculpure, video and performance. After college graduation, we became each other’s artist support network. In our conversations we discovered that we shared many of the same ideas about color and silhouette, and it seemed natural to try some collaborative projects. We made some drawings and prints together, put them on fabric, and created first some sculptural objects and then clothing. These were first shown in galleries in both exhibitions and performances, and then people started to ask where they could buy the clothes. Around that time someone struck up a conversation with Alice on the subway about the outfit she was wearing and said that her friend was opening a store and we should get in touch. We had no plans for a line at that time so we just made up a name for our collaboration, IT’S AN EXCITING TIME TO BE ME, and showed the store owner a group of clothes we had made and stuck in some quickie labels with our new name. The store was Patch 155 on Rivington Street, before the Lower East Side had any other boutiques. From there it snowballed and here we are today as FERAL CHILDE.

*  Working bi-coastal can have drawbacks, do the two of you keep similar hours and work habits  ?

FC: We start each collection together with a marathon creative session where we draw, discuss, hang out and try to make the most of our limited time together. We make sure to eat and drink well, listen to good music, hike and do yoga and other fun things that are important for inspiration. In this design development stage we work on the textile prints together, choose our fabrics and colors, and make preliminary design sketches. We might do some draping and we also spend time critiquing the last collection we made. When we return to our respective coasts, we divvy up the tasks to prepare for samplemaking. We order our sample yardage, prepare the textile artwork for the printer, and start refining the sketches and working on first samples. It is definitely a challenge being on opposite coasts but it has trained us to be better communicators. Actually, Moriah is an early bird, and Alice is an night owl so with the 3-hour time difference we are practically a 24-hour operation!
We check in with each other by phone and email throughout the day. Moriah takes care of production and Alice does sales and marketing, but our roles and tasks sometimes overlap and we are always consulting one another. We also do videochats and send plenty of photos and scans back and forth, and we’ll mail each other fabric swatches and samples as well throughout the process. There are always difficult design decisions to make especially with trims and finishings, and it is important for us to make these decisions together.

*  Your collections are beautiful, I don’t think I could pick a favorite, I love them all. Each collection has a definite inspiration, what is Tarquinia’s ?

FC: We hope to tell a story with each collection. For Spring 2011 Tarquinia, we looked to the ruins of ancient civilizations. Tarquinia is the name of an old Roman city known for its Etruscan frescoes and mosaics. We created watercolor collages for new digitally printed silks depicting divers, revelers, and artisans. The fabrics are lasercut, looped and pleated into a wearable catalog of amphora, fish, birds and plant life in earthy and vibrant colors.

*  The spring 2011 Turbine Trouser from the Tarquinia collect is to die for, and the sleeveless field dress – that collar – Oh Ladies Please ! ! (laugh)  To say I love it is an understatement. Everything is of sustainable materials correct, and all aspects are done domestically right ?

FC: We try to use the most sustainable materials we can find. This means organic cotton, Tencel, and hemp blends; we also use silks for many of our prints since digital printing isn’t water intensive and is more efficient with the dyes than traditional fabric printing. Another option is to use vintage deadstock or surplus fabrics leftover from other manufacturers. Sometimes we’ll use these fabrics as is, but we have also given them new life by overdyeing or overprinting.  All of our clothes are cut and sewn in New York City in small, family-owned factories. Many of our suppliers and contractors are in the historic Garment Center where in a five-block radius you can get everything done from pleating to pressing.

*  Even your buttons are handmade ?

FC: In past collections the buttons were cast resin. We hand-carved the original design and then cast them in molds. Each button had to be sanded and polished individually! In the last couple of collections we began to use tagua nut (also known as vegetable ivory) buttons. It’s a gorgeous and much more environmentally-friendly alternative to the plastic. The designs are still drawn out by hand but now a laser etches the design into the buttons.

*  I would like to thank you both on a personal level for making eco designs affordable.

FC: Thank you, we believe that fashion is for everyone!

*  Thank you both again for spending some time with me and providing a look into Feral Childe.  Oh, by the way, we really love the name !

FC: Thank you for reaching out to Feral Childe!

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Feral Childe can be reached via the web at

or on Twitter @feralchilde