Lady Like

Lace shorts. What can I say. These are the hottest trend going right now and they look amazing. Very feminine, very sexy, very cool !

Whether you choose a vintage look, high waist or rompers, they are extremely cute and you can get them on the cheap too enabling you to get more that one pair. 

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The Sun Rises In The East.

Anyone that knows me, knows I am fixated with sunglasses.  They make a big statement and say alot about the person wearing them. This year I am in L O V E with my Tom Ford – Nikita’s.  Sometimes you just want to be a spy, or at least look like one 🙂

Their are many beautiful styles out there this year, and many are surprisingly resonably priced.  You can also find “look-a-likes” of many designers even more on the cheap. Yes, the sun does rise on my beautiful east coast !

It’s Only Me

I have been a mixture of boho and casual sophistication my entire life.  Some may say that there is no meeting of the minds with that combination.  I find on certain days, I feel more laid back then others.  With that being said, I think that is why my ‘signature’ look is so eclectic. Pairing  inexpensive denim and other casual clothing items with cashmere or silk makes for a classic outfit.   A simple,  up-do on  your hair can also transform a casual look into something just a little bit more.  The best way to get a signature look is to accessorize and mix luxe fabrics.  You will be surprised how many compliments you receive.  With the influx of vintage I find it’s easier than ever to make your own fashion statement.


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Lace Is The Hot Trend For Spring

Lace is hot on the runway for spring 2011.  Romantic and Feminine are the adjectives that spring to mind when you think of this delicate fabric.  I love lace, the open weaving, the frilly look, the light airy feel.  Take a look at the beauties our favorite designers are putting out there for the upcoming season.

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Everything Old Is New Again

Since vintage clothes are one of a kind pieces, is important to know how to take care of them, repair them, and alter them to fit properly so that you get the most out of your treasures.  Part of caring for vintage will probably entail some stain and/ or odor removal at some point. The stain or scent may be your own or a left over memory from its past life and past owner(s). In either case, great care should be taken in removing stains. There are many gentle, DIY methods of removing stains that will not inflict the same amount of damage as a modern chemical based stain remover might. Not only are at home stain removal methods friendly to your vintage and the environment, they are friendly to your wallet too.  Since vintage clothing will most likely not have a “Dry clean only” tag or any care instructions attached like our clothes do today, you will have to use your digression when deciding how to clean your treasured vintage. Some pieces may be washed at home depending on their fiber content, age, structure and detailing using a very mild detergent, there are ones designed for baby clothes. For certain types of fabric or especially valuable piece, a professional cleaner may be necessary.  A general rule of thumb is if the item is made from two different types of fabric (e.g., a lining or facing), it should most likely be dry-cleaned.  Proper care will result in years of wear and ownership of your vintage treasures.

Vintage Engagement Rings

Whether it’s a real antique or vintage inspired, engagement rings are hopping on the ‘old school’ bandwagon.  Is it the because of the upcoming royal wedding or the desire to share items of family importance ?  Any way you look at it, it’s a beautiful trend I love.   Antique rings can cost as much as $20,000 or more, but vintage inspired will set your guy back a whole lot less.