How Sweet It Is.

Unless you have been living under a rock, candy colors are the rage for this summer.  I for one am loving this trend.  After seeing blacks and jewel tones from the winter my eyes are feasting on these colors.  And, fortunately they look good on everyone.  But do remember, just because they make it in your size doesn’t mean you should wear it.  Keep your body shape in mind as pick the silhouette.  Summer sherbert, colorful cocktails and sugary candies….mmmmm…how sweet it is !


I Got The Summertime Blues

Big bold ocean washed color pieces bring breezy glamour to your summer look.

Monica Vinader Turquoise Cocktail Ring
Every fashionista around knows that turquoise jewelry makes for classic, timeless style. The ultimate chic look can be achieved by teaming this gold and turquoise ring with a laid back white linen dress or coverup at the pool.

Monica Vinader

Amy Kahn Russell Blue Chalcedony and Blue Topaz Sterling Silver Butterfly Braclet

Inspired by nature and meant to symbolize happiness, this Statements by Amy Kahn Russell Blue Chalcedony and Blue Topaz Sterling Silver Butterfly Cuff Bracelet is sure to put a smile on your face.

Amy Kahn Russell

BLUE TREE NYC: Lucite Block Necklace

 Various shades of violet and blue intermingle along the length of this necklace reminding me of the place where sky meets ocean. The translucent “gems” allow will allow light to play upon the stones, naturally providing different colors to emerge as the day progresses and night falls.

Blue Tree NYC

Steal The Look – Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton is 29 years old. Her fashion style is not what is typically considered Royal Women’s wear.  She has been criticized for some of her wardrobe selections, but this is 2011 and she is a young, beautiful woman.  She will continue to be scruntinized for her fashion choices.  But I say the woman knows what she likes and what looks good on her.  You can get her London party night look for under $115, now that’s what I call a steal.

Kate Middleton London Night Out

1.  Black Ribbon used as self-tie belt, $3.50,

2.  Black Sequined Mini Dress, $35.00,

3.  Michaek Antonio McKay Black Suede Boots, $50.00,

4.  Black Link Necklace, $25.00,

Chunk It Up

Jessica Biel, Kristen Bell, Sandra Bullock

Wearing a chunky necklace can really bring to life an otherwise uninteresting outfit. Everywhere you go, you’ll find the big and chunky look demanding attention, all of them are stylish and fashionable. Regardless of your personal style preferences, there’s a chunky necklace that is just right for you. Forget the tiny and delicate and go for the big and bold look of the chunky necklace.

Sarah Jessica Parker, Michelle Obama

Amy Adams, Marni

Cocktail Hour

The beauties are everywhere. From your favorite celebrities to you best girlfriend, big cocktail rings are not just for the cocktail hour anymore !  The styles, colors and yes, prices vary widely, but they are worth every penny on the style scale.  You can and should where them everywhere.  And oh, by the way, ring me when it’s cocktail hour won’t you !

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Baby Blues

 Turquoise has appeared in the fashions and cultures of the world for centuries. It seems clear that turquoise has been considered a stone of life and good fortune for thousands of years. It was believed to have healing properties, and regarded as a holy stone, a good-luck-charm or a talisman; it was also worn as protection to ward off the influence of dark and evil powers. Turquoise is also very popular as a token of friendship, since it’s reputed to be responsible for faithfulness and reliable relationships.
With all that being said, it is basically just plain gorgeous and I’m positive that is what draws us all to it, including celebrities.

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Dreams Do Come True

There are so many designers with clothing I absolutely love.  Unfortunately on a working-girl’s budget I can’t buy them all.  I see a great Bagdley Mischka dress I just have to have, then I see the latest Christian Siriano design and I want that one.  What is a girl to do.  To the rescue is Rent The Runway, a girl’s best friend.  You get the most amazing clothing and jewelry from the top designers.  For about 10% of the actual price of the clothing, Rent The Runway lets you pick the dress for your ocassion, gets it to you on time, and you simply mail it back to them afterwards.  I LOVE this place.  I have the real deal that would have cost me a month’s salary for $150 to wear to my special occassion. I simply can’t thank Rent The Runway enough for making a fashionista’s dreams come true.  Here’s a sampling of what you can find at

Matthew Williamson, Retail $2,500 Rental $250

Lela Rose, Retail $1,295 Rental $150

Yigal Azrouel, Retail $1,600 Rental $200

Kenneth Jay Lane, Retail $450 Rental $65

Vintage Engagement Rings

Whether it’s a real antique or vintage inspired, engagement rings are hopping on the ‘old school’ bandwagon.  Is it the because of the upcoming royal wedding or the desire to share items of family importance ?  Any way you look at it, it’s a beautiful trend I love.   Antique rings can cost as much as $20,000 or more, but vintage inspired will set your guy back a whole lot less.