Nice Day For A White Wedding

I have been invited to a winter wedding.  Looking back, I don’t think I ever attended a wedding during the winter months.  As I am friends with the Groom, I have no idea what the Bride will be wearing, so I started thinking about what the perfect gown may look like.  I imagine long sleeves, off-the-shoulder but with a snow white cloak or shrug and a pair of amazing booties.  My Groom friend is very casual, very laid back.  His Bride to be, although I have only met her twice, is a very pulled together lady.  Every hair and seam in place.  This should be quite interesting to say the least.  I tried to find images of what this event could be.  I hope you enjoy and get some inspiration.  Is this what Billy Idol meant by “It’s a Nice Day for a White Wedding”!


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