Bang ’em Out

The  new photo of Kim Kardashian with her bangs started me thinking about bangs in general. Do we use bangs to disguise or hide ourselves ?  When I was a child my mum used to cut my bangs so short.  I used every method possible to try to make them look less hideous, barettes, hair pins, head bands, anything. Once they were cut so short I simply asked to have my hair cut short, pixie style, the result was less than I had hoped for. Some women look great with bangs others seem to be trying to recapture their youth or hiding behind them. When done right on the right person they are awesome, framing the face and making the eyes come even more alive. Some examples of great looking bangs are:

Charlize Theron,       Lindsay Price,       Tyra Banks
Unfortunately, there are others for some reason or another, I can’t quite put my finger on it, don’t fair as well:

Cheryl Cole, Fergie, Kate Bosworth

These women are all beautiful but the bangs don’t cut it for me.



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