Girl, I Just Wanna Have Fun

Another beautiful day on the East Coast, sunny and 53 degrees !  Sometimes I just am not in the beauty mode (to blog on I mean, I am always in the mode personally) and today while talking with a friend of mine that visited Walmart last evening we had a long discussion about the fashion (or lack of) at that particular establishment.  I dont know if  I should laugh or cry, but take a look at this !  Decide for yourself.

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Hair’s To You

It is absolutely gorgeous on the East Coast today, sunny and 57 degrees ! So, again my mind drifts; soft up do’s, loose braids and beachy waved hair.  I know this is nothing new for 2011/2012 fall winter hair, but days like today make me crave spring and what better hair to wear are these do’s.

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Nice Day For A White Wedding

I have been invited to a winter wedding.  Looking back, I don’t think I ever attended a wedding during the winter months.  As I am friends with the Groom, I have no idea what the Bride will be wearing, so I started thinking about what the perfect gown may look like.  I imagine long sleeves, off-the-shoulder but with a snow white cloak or shrug and a pair of amazing booties.  My Groom friend is very casual, very laid back.  His Bride to be, although I have only met her twice, is a very pulled together lady.  Every hair and seam in place.  This should be quite interesting to say the least.  I tried to find images of what this event could be.  I hope you enjoy and get some inspiration.  Is this what Billy Idol meant by “It’s a Nice Day for a White Wedding”!


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Does This Make My Butt Look Big ?

Not everyone can get away with having a big butt.  Sometimes it’s just big. Just because you may be a little more curvaceous doesn’t mean you need to give up skirts. Opt for skirts or dresses that have an a-line cut. An a-line cut is simply a skirt that is smaller around the waist and gently flares out, much like the letter “A.” By wearing a cut like this, it will minimize your middle region, including your rear view. Choose slacks and jeans that have wide legs, no pants that taper at the ankles. This makes your ankles and calves appear smaller while enhancing the size of your bottom, which is the opposite of the effect you are trying to achieve. Pick slacks and jeans that remain wide towards the calf and ankles, like flare or boot-cut pants. Overall, the best minimizing effect is to enhance your upper half with bright, flattering colors while keeping your lower half darker.  Not rocket science just color science.

Bang ’em Out

The  new photo of Kim Kardashian with her bangs started me thinking about bangs in general. Do we use bangs to disguise or hide ourselves ?  When I was a child my mum used to cut my bangs so short.  I used every method possible to try to make them look less hideous, barettes, hair pins, head bands, anything. Once they were cut so short I simply asked to have my hair cut short, pixie style, the result was less than I had hoped for. Some women look great with bangs others seem to be trying to recapture their youth or hiding behind them. When done right on the right person they are awesome, framing the face and making the eyes come even more alive. Some examples of great looking bangs are:

Charlize Theron,       Lindsay Price,       Tyra Banks
Unfortunately, there are others for some reason or another, I can’t quite put my finger on it, don’t fair as well:

Cheryl Cole, Fergie, Kate Bosworth

These women are all beautiful but the bangs don’t cut it for me.


New Year’s Resolutions ?

There is a lot I’d like to accomplish this year, and clearing out my closet is top on my list. My Christmas present this year from my husband was/is a beautiful, serene new bedroom complete with 2 huge closets and a 46″ flat screen !  Now I can watch the biggest loser while sweating it out on my elliptical. Anyway, I have been jamming and cramming clothes into too small drawers (or just to much stuff into regular size drawers) for too long and it’s time to clear out this stuff. I’m beginning to believe the life coaches that tell you if you have environmental clutter you will have mental clutter. So, I am going to cleanse ! I read this lately: “Cleansing is a natural part of life. Cleansing takes place in all areas, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically and financially. It takes place in your health, your relationships, your career, your home and your office. The human body needs to detox and cleanse regularly.  If you haven’t worn it or used it in two years, give it away.  If people in your life do not support and nurture you, then send them your love and best wishes and let go. ” Ok. I regularly get deep tissue massages to help cleanse my body, but giving away my beloved clothes ?  Spring is right around the corner and checking out the wonderful colors and textures on the horizon, I need room ! Tonight when I get home from work and after dinner, I am clearing out at least one of my dressers and possible one of the closets.  I’m starting slow because I don’t want to shock myself too much with passing on too many clothes at once. Wish me luck.

Welcome 2012

Well, well, well.  It seems like a little backstabbing does get one ahead in the world of fashion.  Mr. Brad Goreski of the Rachel Zoe Project fame is debuting his Bravo TV series tonight at 10/9 c.  Titled ” It’s a Brad, Brad World ‘, Mr. Goreski will get the opportunity to prove that he isn’t still riding the coat-tails of Ms. Zoe.  I for one will watch what I hope turns into a train wreck.  Mr. Goreski’s sneaky antics has left me with a bad taste for him, and I really don’t think I need to know how he and boyfriend Gary Janetti met. All this after Mr. Goreski voiced his distain for Ms. Zoe’s previous assistant Jordon Jacobson. Hmmmmm…. for shame Mr. Goreski, and watch your back, karma is indeed a bitch !