2011 Summer Sizzlers

What are the top picks for a sizzling summer this year ?  We all, yes the guys too, want to keep cool while looking good.  Summer is the time for showing a lot of skin while still keeping in line the the HR departments where we work.  A soft cotton shrug or breezy silk shirt over our sexy summer tops enable us to make the quick change once 5:00 rolls around.  A tousled updo is definately on the list, there is nothing hotter than messy summer hair to turn heads.  Guys need to make the sock decision.  Sockless looks good with the right shoes.  A  great pair of slip ons in canvas or a nice leather pair of Dockers are the best picks.  If your guy does opt for wearing socks, make sure he switches to a lighter weight cotton one.  Period, cotton  breathes.  And don’t forget shorts. The right kind of shorts can draw major attention to a guy.  Now back to the ladies.  Natural makup.  Try wearing as little as possible to let your skin breath.  Face bronzers and spray tans have allowed us to look  dewy and natural all summer.  Stripes, bold colors, and last but certainly not least, the 70’s look.  Let’s take a peek.

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