Love or Winehouse, Toss Up For The Most Screwed Up

This photo of Courtney Love was taken on Thursday night, in London. Basically, she decided to do this little photo op as soon as she heard that Charlie Sheen was being hospitalized after a decadent 48-hour orgy of cocaine and porn stars with a busted hernia. This is Courtney’s message to Charlie: “I’ve been screwed up a lot longer than you. “

Oh, and Fame Pictures notes that Courtney was so screwed up in this photo, she got into the wrong car, and the car’s owner had to “eject” her. Classic Courtney. It might even be one of her better days.

Courtney Love Leaving 'Public' on Jan. 27, 2011, Chelsea, London, England


Amy Winehouse is back in hospital – the singer has checked into a private medical facility in London after feeling “a bit ill”, according to her publicist.

The Rehab singer has been admitted to a clinic on London’s Harley Street after falling ill with a bout of influenza. It is the same facility where she had a breast augmentation in 2009. She returned to the clinic several times during 2010 due to complications following the procedure, as well as checking in after injuring herself in a drunken fall.  Now Winehouse is back under doctors’ care after picking up a bug following her recent gigs in Brazil.

I guess it’s always my secret desire that she’d clean up her cracky ways and come back to her senses.

Amy Winehouse


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