Can You Please Pass The Swag

Every year Oscar nominees are awarded bags full of swag.  While this practice had a bit of a hit from the IRS, it appears it is back in full glory.  The 2011 Swag Bag is supposedly in the $90,000 range !  There are trips galore, like the ultra expensive for 8 adults and 8 kids to South Africa worth a mere $45,000. There is also a $14,500 Monte Carlo trip, and a private-island vacation at a Turks & Caicos sporting club.  Swiss Army has crafted a special leather suitcase worth $4,000; there are only 175 of them in the world.  To spoil themselves they also receive a $500 La Peau Couture anti-wrinkle face cream.  For the eighth year, Distinctive Assets has put together these swag bags. According to Dina Rezvanipour, VP of the company, the $91,000 value this year breaks the record. A sign of recession recovery?  “I think we had so many tragedies this year, and the stars were so involved an generous, companies wanted to reward them,” Rezvanipour explained when met in their Los Angeles warehouse on Friday. They had just finished packing the 26 gift bags ready to be delivered. Hosts Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin will also get one.

For celebrities who refuse to receive the free goodies, they have the option to give them to charity.

Sampling of the 2011 Oscar Swag


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