Steal The Look – Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton is 29 years old. Her fashion style is not what is typically considered Royal Women’s wear.  She has been criticized for some of her wardrobe selections, but this is 2011 and she is a young, beautiful woman.  She will continue to be scruntinized for her fashion choices.  But I say the woman knows what she likes and what looks good on her.  You can get her London party night look for under $115, now that’s what I call a steal.

Kate Middleton London Night Out

1.  Black Ribbon used as self-tie belt, $3.50,

2.  Black Sequined Mini Dress, $35.00,

3.  Michaek Antonio McKay Black Suede Boots, $50.00,

4.  Black Link Necklace, $25.00,


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