Hot On A Cold Winter Night


The Nation is being held in the grasp of winter and major snowstorms.  The goal is to have a warm, snuggly environment.  Grab your softest throw, light the fireplace, turn on your favorite TV program and grab a warm beverage.  These beverages are of the adult variety and are sure to please as well as warm you up.


Hot Buttered Spice Rum

This vintage recipe, which comes from an issue of Gourmet, is particularly delicious thanks to the inclusion of lemon zest and the holy trinity of wintry spices: cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg. Add dark,spiced rum and a piece of sweet butter.





Hot Toddy

Made with good whiskey, such as bourbon or blended Scotch, boiling water and with honey instead of the standard sugar, this salubrious toddy is especially soothing when you’ve picked up a cold. Tastes pretty good when you’re feeling fine, too.




Irish Coffee

Use real Irish whiskey, strong coffee, and freshly whipped real cream (none of that imitation stuff sold in a plastic tub), and you’ll understand why this drink remains a ray of hope for cold and weary travelers.



We are NOT promoting drinking.  As mentioned, these are adult cocktails.

Please drink responsibly.


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