Rise and Shine

Working girls, much like myself, require some ‘go to’ pieces in their wardrobe.  On the mornings when you are late, due in early or are too tired to pull it all together, knowing that you have something fashionable just waiting to be donned is a blessing.  Buy a few key pieces in the same color range that require little forethought. Spiegel’s, like a lot of retailers, have mini collections that fit together perfectly.  The collection below is classic menswear inspired but reinterpreted to fit a woman’s curves. So go ahead and sleep an extra 15 – your inner fashionista will never know the difference.

Girlfriend Blazer $60 Wide Leg Pants $39 Jumpsuit $60

Long Jacket $75 Sheath Dress $50 Fitted Blazer $60 Pencil Skirt $39


2 thoughts on “Rise and Shine

  1. I am interested in the striped black dress with the long coat and would like to know how I can order it by the 1st of December.

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