Perfect Pout

Two beautiful brunettes, two beautiful blondes, actress’ and singers.  What do they all have in common ?  Red lipstick and the perfect pout.  Everyone can pull off red lips if you know what shade to use.  These beauties have it down to a science but who actually wore it better.  What do you think ?

Megan Fox, Angelina Jolie


Christina Aguilera, Gwen Stefani


Can You Please Pass The Swag

Every year Oscar nominees are awarded bags full of swag.  While this practice had a bit of a hit from the IRS, it appears it is back in full glory.  The 2011 Swag Bag is supposedly in the $90,000 range !  There are trips galore, like the ultra expensive for 8 adults and 8 kids to South Africa worth a mere $45,000. There is also a $14,500 Monte Carlo trip, and a private-island vacation at a Turks & Caicos sporting club.  Swiss Army has crafted a special leather suitcase worth $4,000; there are only 175 of them in the world.  To spoil themselves they also receive a $500 La Peau Couture anti-wrinkle face cream.  For the eighth year, Distinctive Assets has put together these swag bags. According to Dina Rezvanipour, VP of the company, the $91,000 value this year breaks the record. A sign of recession recovery?  “I think we had so many tragedies this year, and the stars were so involved an generous, companies wanted to reward them,” Rezvanipour explained when met in their Los Angeles warehouse on Friday. They had just finished packing the 26 gift bags ready to be delivered. Hosts Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin will also get one.

For celebrities who refuse to receive the free goodies, they have the option to give them to charity.

Sampling of the 2011 Oscar Swag

Rebel Yell

Mixing clothing like Oversized Boyfriend Blazer Coats, Skinny Jeans, Cardigan Sweaters, with Great Shoes has become Haute Couture.  Although the look of Rebel Chic has been around while, it changes continuously. I absolutely love it !  You can throw your favorite pieces together, add a slouchy beanie and you are ready to face the world looking fabulous. 

Boyfriend Blazer, $125         

Slouchy Beanie, $16.95

Mossimo Cardigan Sweater, $25         

Outer Rebel Fingerless Gloves, $9         

Skinny Jeans, $25         

Madden Girl Fourmal Booties, $49.95

Long Sleeve Printed T-Shirt w/Attached Scarf, $15

12 Minute Workout ?

A new exercise program claims to help your body burn fat for days. The Tabata workout only lasts 12 minutes, but the benefits keep working for hours, even days later. The program consists of  a 5 minute warm up, 20 seconds of high intensity exercise followed by 40 seconds of mild exercise.  Repeat this 5 times and follow with a cool down.  This program can be used with any form of exercise you choose. For example let’s use a treadmill. Walk at a normal pace for your 5 minute warm up, increase your speed to a jog (or run if  you are in better shape) for 20 seconds, return to walking for 40 seconds. Do this 5 times in a row and cool down afterwards. That’s it ! Scientists claim the program tricks your body into burning fat longer. Tabata appears to be great for fat burning and great for your heart.  Why not make your workout work for you longer. 

Steal The Look – Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton is 29 years old. Her fashion style is not what is typically considered Royal Women’s wear.  She has been criticized for some of her wardrobe selections, but this is 2011 and she is a young, beautiful woman.  She will continue to be scruntinized for her fashion choices.  But I say the woman knows what she likes and what looks good on her.  You can get her London party night look for under $115, now that’s what I call a steal.

Kate Middleton London Night Out

1.  Black Ribbon used as self-tie belt, $3.50,

2.  Black Sequined Mini Dress, $35.00,

3.  Michaek Antonio McKay Black Suede Boots, $50.00,

4.  Black Link Necklace, $25.00,

Golden Girls

Metallic treads and fabrics are the notice-me trend for Spring 2011.  Designers are using wood textures, futuristic lame, skin textures and animal prints but are making them in stand out metallic colors. I’ve really been embracing the trend of adding just a little touch of something metallic before I jump all the way in.  But I have to admit, I am loving the look !  Let’s take a peek.

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Chunk It Up

Jessica Biel, Kristen Bell, Sandra Bullock

Wearing a chunky necklace can really bring to life an otherwise uninteresting outfit. Everywhere you go, you’ll find the big and chunky look demanding attention, all of them are stylish and fashionable. Regardless of your personal style preferences, there’s a chunky necklace that is just right for you. Forget the tiny and delicate and go for the big and bold look of the chunky necklace.

Sarah Jessica Parker, Michelle Obama

Amy Adams, Marni

Cocktail Hour

The beauties are everywhere. From your favorite celebrities to you best girlfriend, big cocktail rings are not just for the cocktail hour anymore !  The styles, colors and yes, prices vary widely, but they are worth every penny on the style scale.  You can and should where them everywhere.  And oh, by the way, ring me when it’s cocktail hour won’t you !

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Katy Perry as Wonder Woman

MAC meets DC Comics.  The highly anticipated Wonder Woman Spring 2011 makeup collection hits the stores February 10th. The brightly hued, boldly designed packaging is definitely eye-popping.  Products will include Lipstick, Lipglass, Nail Polish, Mascara and Eyeshadow Quads.  Limited edition items include a Utility Belt Eye Brush Set, Utility Belt Face Brush Set, Invincible Mirror and more.  Now, thanks to the help of MAC cosmetics, we’ll be able to defend against wimpy lashes, boring blushes and dull complexions with the upcoming larger-than-life makeup collection. Items are ranging in price from $13 to $49.50.

MAC Wonder Woman Compact


Lace Is The Hot Trend For Spring

Lace is hot on the runway for spring 2011.  Romantic and Feminine are the adjectives that spring to mind when you think of this delicate fabric.  I love lace, the open weaving, the frilly look, the light airy feel.  Take a look at the beauties our favorite designers are putting out there for the upcoming season.

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