Questionable items from Mariah Carey’s HSN collection

Mariah Carey launched her new line of shoes and accessories and…well, how do we put this?

Carey said she has had a vision for her own collection for years and drew inspiration from her favorite designer names, including Jimmy Choo and Manolo Blahnik, as well as her own style.  We believe Choo And Blahnik have nothing to worry about !


Leather Pump Sneaker, $99.90

It’s a sneaker! It’s a pump! It’s an open-toed bootie! It’s… hideous.


Quilted Boot with Chain Detail, $149.90

These quilted, faux fur boots look like Uggs that got into a fight with a Chanel bag. Not good.


Crystal Ring Pop Necklace, $59.95

For their two year wedding anniversary, Nick Cannon bought his wife a diamond ring pop, modeled after the sweet treat they both loved. HSN says this “silvertone” replica is “a fresh and girly finish to your weekday casuals and your weekend wear.” We think it’s a raver reject.


Lollipop Bling Gumball Machine Gift Set, $70.00

1 oz. versions of Mariah’s latest scents (Honey, Ribbon, and Mine Again) come encased in a reusable gumball container. But who is the target demographic here? Do teens and tweens even know Mariah, let alone want to buy her goods from HSN?


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